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A Powerful Co-Processor with Speed Like No Other

MemComputing dramatically reduces computation time and costs by delivering solutions orders of magnitude faster than any prior technology.*


MemComputing unifies the memory and processing components of a traditional computer to dramatically accelerate computation.


By translating a computer science problem into a physics problem, we revamped traditional computing to mimic the network in the human brain, producing a computational collective state. As a result, our multidirectional circuitry is able to scale in linear time and manipulate large data sets at lightning speed.


MemComputing solves optimization problems at never-before-seen speeds so you can tackle previously impossible problems.

The Science Under the Hood

Combinatorial Optimization Problems

MemComputing uses a proprietary feature called “Self-Organizing Logic Gates” (SOLGs) to rapidly search for optimization problem solutions. Unlike traditional combinatorial methods, SOLGs are assembled in active, dissipative “Self Organizing Logic Circuits” with an equilibria associated with either the optimal minima of the optimization problem or approximations to the optimum far beyond the heuristic limits of current methods.


MemComputing can also solve hard binary optimization problems natively by formulating them as “Boolean Maximum Satisfiability” (MaxSAT) problems or “Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization” (QUBO) problems.


Hardware Advantages

When implemented in hardware MemComputing operates at room temperature, without the extreme environmental requirements of other advanced computational technologies. And it’s primed to scale, since all components that create MemComputing hardware are readily available.


Available as Software

Since MemComputing uses standard electronic circuitry, we can reproduce the technology in software. Our first product, Falcon, is available on the cloud as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and through custom Software Development Kits (SDK).


”Improved Performance of Optimization Calculation by 4 or More Orders of Magnitude for a ‘simple’ computation”


Current Best:

Time increases exponentially as the number of variables increases, capping the total amount of variables and creating impossibly long computation times.



Time increases linearly as the number of variables increases, enabling efficient scaling of the number of variables while maintaining feasible computation times.


Practical Applicability


When every millisecond and every
mile counts, MemComputing
calculates optimal routes orders of magnitude faster than other systems.

We can help:

Dramatically reduce time of routing computation
Increase cost-effectiveness of production
Improve accuracy of solutions


Industries Impacted:

Home Package Delivery
Chip Routing Design
Bandwidth Routing
Cellular Routing


Beyond static routes, MemComputing
 provides the most efficient trajectories in environments with moving obstacles at near real time.


You can:

Improve safety and efficiency
Lower operational costs
Increase responsiveness to 
dynamic environment
Reduce collisions
Scale to accommodate a large amount of data

Industries impacted:

Autonomous Vehicles
Warehouse Management
Transportation Infrastructure


Machine Learning
Financial Technology
Utilities & Energy
Protein Modeling