December 2018

Newsletter Vol.2

Merry Holidays and Happy New Year from MemComputing, Inc.!!

When I last wrote in early-November we were heading off
to Informs Annual Operations Research Conference in Phoenix, AZ. This was a great conference for MemComputing. At our exhibition booth, we made many great contacts in the fields of Logistics and Supply Chain from both industry and academia. Our CTO Dr. Fabio L.Traversa gave a (very early morning) tutorial on MemComputing technology. The presentation was well received by the alert and engaged audience. We’ve had good discussions with the companies and academia we met—and we’re now engaging in Proof of Concept and Benchmark projects.

In early-December our participation in Silicon Valley-based Plug & Play’s 12-week Global Innovation Program culminated with our CEO John Beane doing a great job giving a MemComputing briefing in a 3-minute pitch competition. Plug & Play is a fantastic industry-focused start-up accelerator that has been connecting us with many of the largest global corporations to discuss funding as well as Proof of Concept and Benchmark projects.

An Elf to Help? No, You Need Groundbreaking Technology.
MemComputing’s MemCPU Coprocessor.
With the Holiday Season upon us, I’m sure we could all use an Elf’s help right now to complete our list of business projects and 2019 projections/strat goals, not to mention holiday gift shopping. The ongoing evolution and disruption of digital technology is affecting industry and consumers, and the global economy. The effects of ecommerce are no longer based only on consumer demands. B2B ebuyers are now just as demanding. Expedited delivery is no longer 2-day or next-day delivery. It’s now same day or within an hour delivery. Consumers and businesses alike want to order their stuff and get it fast, free and as soon as possible. Industrial and consumer goods journey to multiple locations via multiple modes of transportation (to and through manufacturing plants, storage centers, shipping ports and warehouses traveling by trains, planes and automobiles) before they are delivered to the buyer. Without smart connected technology the process is slow. Companies lose money every hour, every daydue to supplychain and logistics inefficiencies.

What is the impact of this digital revolution on the global supply chain? It’s pressure for businesses to solve their hardest optimization problems faster and more accurately to meet demands and financial expectations. Disruptive technologies are positively changing how businesses, people and machines interact to create smarter, more connected and efficient workplaces, organizations, supply chains and warehouses. Businesses must invest in new technologies, like MemComputing, to stay competitive. Contact us with your hardest industrial optimization problem. We’ll show you how our disruptive computing engine rips through today’s most complex and time-consuming optimization problems, that are ubiquitous to all industries, cutting compute time by 3+ orders of magnitude, at scales and complexity once thought impossible.

In Other News:

Benchmark Projects

We’re currently working with companies in a variety of industries on benchmarks in:

  • Spin Glass – We’re working on several benchmarks with companies. (Additionally, our technology co-inventors Drs. Traversa and        DiVentra also released research on taming a non-convex landscape with dynamical long-range order: memcomputing the Isling spin-glass.)
  • Scheduling – We’re working on several benchmarks and will soon begin PoC problems.
  • Logistics – Stay tuned! We expect to release a use case next month.

Company Growth

We’ve hired new employees that in January will
begin working in our offices. We’re really excited to expand the team as interest, validation and demand for MemComputing technology continues to explode.

MemComputing at Upcoming Events

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2019
March 14-15 / Le Centquarte, Paris
MemComputing was selected as one of the Top 500 Deeptech Startups Worldwide from over 4,500 applications. Hello Tomorrow is a global organization on a mission to unlock the power of deep technologies and tackle the toughest environmental, social and industrial challenges.