April 2019

Newsletter Vol.3

MemComputing Sightings

Top 500 Startups Disrupting their Industry

We were recently in Paris at the Hello-Tomorrow Global Conference. The conference celebrated the startup companies voted as the Top 500 Startups disrupting their industry. Not only were we one of the Top 500, but we were also invited to exhibit as one of the companies in the showcase. We were further honored to be one of the few companies chosen to compete in the pitch competition. We were one of only 7 companies in the Data & AI category. We didn’t win the competition. However, we were winners just from all of the awareness we built and the many European Venture Capitalists and European companies that we met.

SDVG Cool Companies 2019

We’ve been chosen a second time as one of San Diego’s Cool Companies by the San Diego Venture Group. It’s quite the honor and has many perks. They present numerous opportunities for us to meet with investors from all over. And even better, they have an event where you can meet with us and the other Cool Companies. This year it is at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach on April 30th. Meet the companies, have a cocktail and enjoy the music. It should be a great time!

Latest Publications

Do you want more proof about just how powerful MemComputing can be? We’ve recently released two more papers that you may find interesting.

Port of Singapore Case Study

We have the honor of working with the Port of Singapore. They had seen the papers showing the benchmarks we had solved up until that point and they were curious if that extended to one or more of the port optimization problems that they face. We spoke and they gave us a set of problem benchmarks that represent a real-life computational challenge that would show how well our technology applied to port optimization. While the actual problem is confidential, they have allowed us to share the results. You can read more about it here (https://memcpu.com/case-studies/). However, spoiler alert, the benchmark was an NP Hard problem that scaled exponentially. Best in class solutions took more than 70 hours to solve. The MemComputing technology is hardware agnostic. So, we ran tests on a single threaded CPU and distributed over GPUs. Running on CPU, the MemCPU™ Coprocessor technology solved the same problem in about 1 hour (down from 70) and scaled linearly. Our experiments over GPU showed that we can solve this problem in seconds.

Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge

While MemComputing is not a quantum computing technology, we continue to demonstrate that we deliver quantum computing performance at least a decade before quantum computers are expected to be able to handle industrial sized problems.

Airbus is one of many large companies experimenting with quantum computers to better understand the benefits they will be able to deliver in the 10 or so years. They recently announced a public quantum computing challenge with 5 problems specific to Aerospace. The challenge is to provide a formulation for the problem as to how it could be solved by a quantum computer as well as the indication of how the solution could scale over time to support industry sized problems.

At MemComputing we have a huge advantage. We don’t have to wait for quantum computers to become a reality. MemComputing is already able to solve these problems today. We have recently made public our efforts which show not only how we would formulate one of these problems to solve it with MemComputing, but the actual evidence of our ability to solve the problem today at scales that the Aerospace industry faces. You can read more about it here (https://memcpu.com/publications/).

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