May 2019

Newsletter Vol.4


We hope everyone has been having a great month of May. We have certainly been very busy. Our team is growing. We added two new members, Mr. Larry Heminger who joins us as our CIO. I have had the fortune of working together with Larry at 2 other startups. So, I am excited to have him on board again. We are also joined by Mr. John Aikens. John is a recent graduate from San Diego State University with a BA in Marketing. If you see an improvement in the quality of our marketing material like this newsletter, you will know why. 😉 If you’d like to learn more about these two remarkable gentlemen, please visit our team page. As we grow, we’d like to list everyone on our website because everyone plays a crucial role.


Our SaaS application is being exercised by people from across the globe. We are pleased that it is working very well, and we have received very enthusiastic responses. Of course, we are learning a lot and finding areas where we can improve the usability and additional features that our customers find most valuable. After we make a few of these changes we will be entering the Beta Phase. We have room to add 1 last Alpha customer. We’d like to make sure we have five companies from a variety of industries. We will add 10 companies for the beta phase to really put the system through its paces. We expect to commercially release the application later in the year; however, we won’t move too quickly to ensure that we can always provide the highest quality support. Just go to https://memcpu.com/sign-up/ to if you are interested in being an alpha or beta tester.

MemComputing Sightings

SDVG Cool Companies 2019

It’s such an honor and a benefit to have been named one of San Diego’s Cool Companies by the San Diego Venture Group. They held two events, one in late April and one in the middle of May where they exposed us to over 100 angel, ventur

e and corporate investor
s. We’re pleased to have many ongoing discussions with several interested investors. There is also a huge fringe benefit from this. We find that investors are gracious networkers, even if they do not necessarily see a clear fit. From these meetings, we have been introduced to some key decision makers at some of the companies that we hadn’t been able to meet. An association with SDVG is one of those gifts that keep on giving.

EvoNexus Demo Day

EvoNexus is one of the premier incubators in San Diego and they have hosted and supported us since August of 2017. We are

extremely grateful for all of their support. They hold a Demo Day each year where they showcase some of their top startups. We are excited to be one of the companies that will be pitching. The event is on June 5th, Register Here (https://evonexus.org/events/upcoming-events-at-evo-2/). We hope that you will come and support us. The winner of the
pitch competition is chosen by the audience. Each of the 8 companies give a 4-minute pitch. At the end, they display a number where you can text your choice. The more friends we can seed in the audience, the better our chances. Plus, there is always great food and drink at the event and most of the companies have some SWAG to give away. We truly hope to see you there.

Latest Publications

Do you want more proof about just how powerful MemComputing can be? We’ve recently released two more papers that you may find interesting.

Aircraft Cargo Loading Optimization Case Study

We recently released a new case study that shows how MemComputing can solve the very challenging problem of optimizing how cargo is loaded on an aircraft. Computationally, a Supercomputer would take years to provide an optimal solution. So, companies are faced with using approximation algorithms. These cannot provide the most optimal solution and thus it isn’t possible to truly carry as much cargo on a single plane as is physically possible. Thus, these companies must send more flights, meaning more jet fuel, more flight crew and ground crew hours. Improving these computations directly impacts a company’s profits in a very positive way, easily resulting in savings in the millions of dollars a year. This case study shows exactly how MemComputing can provide the most optimal solution available and we can deliver the solution in seconds. …. Think about that again. Today’s fastest supercomputers would take years to make this calculation and MemComputing can do this in seconds. The technology is truly that amazing. Read more at https://memcpu.com/case-studies/

Confirmation of Exponential Speed-up Using MemComputing to Solve Hard Optimization Problems

We’ve released a new white paper that takes a scientific publication that we co-authored with the San Diego Supercomputer Center and makes it more approachable. The white paper is more approachable for the non-PhD Scientists among us. You will find the same results that the San Diego Supercomputer Center experienced when they evaluated the MemComputing technology, but you won’t have to sort through all of the mathematical functions. Spoiler alert, on one of the tests they ran; a supercomputer would take beyond the age of the universe to solve the problem and MemComputing found the solution in a matter of hours. Read more at https://memcpu.com/white-papers/

We’re Moving

After almost two years we are saying goodbye to our previous home, the EvoNexus Incubator, and joining a new startup accelerator in San Diego. We are fortunate to join the ThinkTankSD foundry program! This is an invitation-only program that is limited to startups that are on the verge of taking off but could still benefit by a dedicated team of advisors that are custom-suited for each startup. At MemComputing, we have the science and technology and now need to fine tune our marketing, sales and operations in order to establish and sustain growth. We look forward to working with the broad set of mentors in ThinkTankSD’s international portfolio.

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