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MemComputing’s MemCPU™ XPC SaaS is now in Beta Test


Are you ready to have your mind blown? If you face integer linear programming problems that take an hour or more using best in class methods, prepare to see the compute time drop to minutes or seconds. Don’t be shy, join our Beta test and throw us your biggest challenge. If you can formulate the problem in a .MPS file, then you are ready to be a MemCPU XPC SaaS Beta Tester. 



The MemCPU XPC SaaS supports the following;

  •       Integer linear programming problems formulated as .MPS files
  •       Binary & integer variables. (Continuous variables coming later) 
  •       CPU compute instances provide orders of magnitude performance gains
  •       GPU compute instances provide additional 30-100x performance improvement over CPU
  •       Easy to use file upload for manual testing
  •       Automation features include;

o   Easily integrates to GAMS

o   Python code provided for additional extensive visualizations

o   Will work with you on other automation/interface needs



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